HV-2 Billing Related

Hello Sir

Sir...In our division 4 consumers having supply with 33 KV...but in electricity bill supply type is H21T..this is incorrect supply type..becasue supply type of 33 KV-HV2 consumers is H22T...

So my question is changing in supply type H21T to H22T...energy rate tod wise is same or change?


nishant · 16-May-20

Administrator ·  217

If voltage level is mentioned as 33KV. Even Supply Type 21T may work equivalent to H22T.
You should cross check the rate being charged to this consumer is correct or not?

For example, Fixed charges of H22T is 290 while for 11KV supply, it is Rs. 300.
Now check, if it is calculating fixed charge as Rs. 290, then fine.
Else, need to correct it.

Yes....Thanks sir...I will change supply type & let u know what happen with rates.