jamal · 08-Jul-20

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Hi Sir,
I am having an industrial connection, LMV-6 category. My Contracted load is 54 KVA but my actual demand is normally around 25-30 KVA.
In Feb 2020, my meter was found defective by the concerned official in checking. According to him, out of three phases, actual output was showing only on one phases and rest two phases were not showing any output! He also told that the meter will be changed to which we agreed. When our March bill came, it included a hefty amount of Rs. 360000/- as CCBR adjustments!! I was surprised to see such a amount during the lockdown!!
When I contacted the concerned division, the accountant gave me the assessment for the said amount. On seeing it, I was shocked as it showed that our meter was running defective since last 2 years!! And they made the assessment according to that period only.
Now the thing about which I am really concerned is that How this time period of 2 years they got?? Every month MRI is being done for both meters i.e. main meter s well as pole meter.
Secondly, due to less load, normally in every 3-4 months my premises are checked to ascertain whether any theft is happening or not as the load is very less in MRI as compared to contracted load. So if the meter is defective since last 2 years, why was it not checked since then and replaced??? Is it my duty to ascertain whether my meter is ok or not when the MRI is being done every month??
For 2 years, the concerned official were sleeping and now suddenly they woke up and get to know that meter is defective since last 2 years even when regular checking is done by them!!
Why should I made to pay for their mistake!!
Please guide me accordingly sir!
Hoping to hear in  positve from you!


nishant · 10-Jul-20

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Well, I won't be positive or negative but fair enough.

I would discuss two scenario:

  • Two phase missing technically (Not intentional) - Department will remove the cause and provide you the actual revised bill (this is not assessment). Department will try to find the period on the basis of MRI, consumption pattern. If they can provide the enough evidence. They will simply revise your bill on pro rata basis. In your case, 3 times of your consumption in meter. As only one phase were working instead of 3.
    If no evidence of period is available. Default period is 3 months.
  • Phase missing was intentional - This is theft case and assessment will be raised. In this case also, assessment will be raised for the actual period, if evidence is available. Else, default period is 12 months.
    In this case, Consumption will be three times as on pro rata basis and assessment will be raised with two times of the actual rate

You might be in the first case, So, department has to provide a simple revised bill on pro rata basis. Obviously period will be decided by the MRI.

You might ask them for MRI report. Department has to provide it with the cost of Rs. 100/- (soft copy) and Rs. 500/- Hard copy.