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hello sir
sir my quary is related to meter feeding.Suppose a mu meter is changed from consumer premises and new meter is installed.The final reading of old meter is 2500 and the previous month bill reading is 2400.Mean while when the old meter reached the test lab new meter installed consume 25 unit also present month billing is done without the feeding of new meter details.Now when i am feeding the new meter details by putting its last reading ie 2500 it is showing difference unit of 2475(2500-25) to be made while in actual its unit should be less.How to feed the above meter.n also suppose the meter change date is earlier to the billing date in that case while feeding the meter i  m not able to put the actual date of change of meter.How to solve this issue.
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nishant · 19-Jul-20

Administrator ·  217

If meter is having thier final read OK (2500). Then why we have changed the meter?
Well, if we have changed it for any other reasons. Then, How meter reader punched the current read 25?
He might have observed the different meter number at site.

Anyways, if he has punched 25 read, bill must went wrong.
Now, revision is the only solution. So, feed meter with any possible  data and then must revise it.