"Not a valid account number" on UPCL official website

Uppcl website uppcl.mpower.in/wss says that your account number is invalid at the time of registration for online bill payment system while my details are open in the load extension section of same website it means my account number is correct. Please resolve my problem at the earliest.
Account number is 7824945000.


Please help.


nishant · 22-Nov-20

Administrator ·  217

UPPCL is having two different portals depending upon the area.

  1. Urban - uppclonline.com : Account number is a 10 digit number
  2. Rural - uppcl.mpower.in: Account number is a 12 digit number

As your account number is a 10 digit number, you are an urban consumer and your details could be found at uppclonline.com.
Please try there.