Old Lmv10 account to new account number

Dear Naveen,
First I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation for what you are doing here. This is a life saver of a service and I wish you all the success.
My dad retired as an assistant engineer in 2005 and our home connection, which is in my mother name, was as per my understanding a departmental employee one with a no meter fixed charge. My dad used to take care of this but he suddenly passed away in 2019.
We had assumed that the family pension being received by my mother was net of the fixed charges, but recently came to know that wasn't the case.
I wanted to lookup the outstanding bill so we can ensure that everything is in order, but the only printed MVVNL receipt we have is from 2010, with an 8 digit account number. Usually we would have had someone visit the nearest substation office to get the details, but for nearly 8 months now we've had my mother isolating - and now is not the time to relax either.
Would you know if I can find the account number that I can use to settle the Bill's online - I have the previous receipt which has a connection number (56685) and old account number (12221632)?
Thanks for you time.


nishant · 15-May-21

Administrator ·  217

Thank you so much for your appreciation!

All online facilities/information could search through the "account number" only. Unfortunately, I can not help you out in this regard.
In your case,

  • Connection number (K. No.): 12221632 (an 8 digit number)
  • Service connection number(SC No.): 56685 (a 6 digit number)

Only local officers could find the "Account Number" from the above details with the help of a monthly ledger (master data). There might be the possibility that even they will not find it in master data.

If so, it means your connection is not updated in the online database and the account number has never been generated. it is common in the LMV10 connection as the division used to have the manual data of LMV10 connection. Then, you may raise a request for "name transfer" to your mom/you and then update it online.

It is worth mentioning that "Account Number" is an online identity of an electric connection, while K. No. and SC No. is offline identity.