Billing issue

Sir , In my last month's bill statement i have got a charge of rs 1650 , that is quoted as debit amount ,

i am unable to figure out what type of charge that is .
I request u to make me aware about what type of charge is this ?

Thank you


nishant · 02-Apr-19

Administrator ·  217

it is difficult to tell you exactly about the debit amount. your concern office may check the adjustment type from your bill on his system. Generally, it is the amount which sometimes added manually to your bill. it could be any difference in your bill correction, meter charges (if the meter has been replaced earlier), Reconnection/Disconnection Charges (if your connection were disconnected on dues)

sir demond panelty nikal ka kya farmoula h


ee5noida · 04-Aug-19

UPPCL Engineer ·  17

MD Penality = (Max Demand - Sanctioned Load) x Rate of Fixed Charge x Multiplier

where, Multiplier = 1 for LMV 1, LMV5
            Multiplier = 2 for rest of the categories

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