Steps to be followed for a PD (Permanent Disconnection)


nishant · 19-Aug-19

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Permanent Disconnection (PD) means disconnecting the electricity supply with termination of the agreement and getting no dues certificate (NOC) from the department.
Permanent Disconnection could be categorized in the following three categories:

  • On Request PD - Consumer has requested for terminating the agreement after permanently disconnecting the supply.
    PD date will be the actual disconnection date. Disconnection must be done within 15 days of application.
  • Force PD - If agreement period is over in case of the temporary connection.
    If the cause for which the supply was temporarily disconnected is not removed within six months period.
    PD Date will be after 6 months of temporary disconnection date.
  • No Meter Cable (NMC) at site PD : If no meter cable found at site and no information regarding its temporary disconnection is available. In such cases, PD date will be decided by the appropriate committee through witness and ledger after site inspection
If agreement Period (Generally 2 Years from DOC) is not completed. PD Date will Be the smallest among
  • Last Date of Agreement
  • 6 Months from Date of application
  • Actual Temp Disconnection Date (If Disconnection is done by the department on dues or any other reason)

Procedure of finalizing the PD is discussed in Section 4.14(g) and 4.38 of the Electricity Supply Code - 2005. Considering them, MD UPPCL has instructed a detailed PD process by OM  145/मु0अ0(वा0एवंऊ0ले0) /सीयूआर-II/आर-3/  on dated : 01-feb-2018

   Download the office memorandum in PDF DownloadNow.png
You may download the small amendment made on above OM dated 22-Aug-2019.

Steps to be followed while completing the PD Process

  1. Accept Application with Last Bill, Last Payment receipt, affidavit on Rs. 10/- stamp, PD processing fee (For Applied PD)
  2. Forward application to the concerning for disconnection and removing meter cable.
    • LT Metering could be removed by JE Distribution
    • HT Metering will be removed by AE Meter    
    • If Line or Transformation were made for this consumer, those will be dismantled and received back if not being used by others
  3. Fill Sealing certificate at site, submit meter to the test lab and Prepare Test Lab Report
  4. If NMC at site/No information about temporary disconnection, Prepare a committee report.
    • Committee Member - Upto 10 KW of LMV1 & LMV2 : - SDO, JE
    • Committee Member - Other than above : - SDO, AE/EE (Nominated by SE), JE
    Committee report must includes the details of witness
    • 5 witness required for LMV1 & LMV2 and 3 for others   
    • Witness of a honorable person required (Like Gram Pradhan)   
    ID Card (Aadhar, PAN, Voter, Driving, Kutumb)required of each of the witness                           
  5. Prepare PD Report : it will be prepared by JE Distribution and Approved by SDO
  6. Prepare PD final Bill :
    • Meter cost won't be adjustable.
    • Security will be adjustable.   
    • Interest on Security will be adjustable if not given.       
    • Charge Processing fee (if not paid, for NMC and Force PD).   
    • Charge Meter cost (If meter not found for the metered Consumer).
    • Charge depreciation cost of line, decided by EE if line not found at the site.   
    • If the dues are not paid by the consumers the surcharge payable by the consumer on dues shall be levied upto the period of issue of section-5 notice, or for maximum eight months only.
      (If PD Date was decided after 6 months of actual disconnection date/Last OK Read, No need to levied LPSC for 8 months. But, If Date of Disconnection is based on witness then only clause 7 will be considered to charge LPSC.)
  7. Accept Payment of the final bill or Send Section-3 and Section-5 for recovery.
  8. Prepare NOC/ PD OM (if payment is made) else Send for approval of irrecoverable dues (In case section-5 was returned with the remarks - Consumer/his son is not alive, Extremely poor condition and he has nothing to recover, Not getting Traceable)
  9. Fill the format -2 of Irrecoverable Bill, Once approved by appropriate committee.
    Description of the committee :
    • Irrecoverable dues above 5 lacs - Director Commercial, CE Distribution, DGM Finance
    • Irrecoverable dues of 1 to 5 lacs - CE, SE, ZAO
    • Irrecoverable dues of 50000 to 1 lacs - SE, EE, AO of the circle
    • Irrecoverable dues up to 50000 - EE, AE(R)/SDO, DA