Know about LMV-11 tariff (category)


nishant · 22-Sep-19

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UPPCL has broadly categorized its tariff on the basis of voltage level., Called - LMV and HV. Where

  • LMV stands for Low Medium Voltage
  • HV stands for High Voltage

Earlier, LMV Consumers are further sub-categorized in 10 parts, called - LMV1, LMV2,... LMV10. Now, Rate schedule of FY 2019-20 introduced a new LMV category, called LMV-11.
LMV-11 Category will be used for the consumers having Electric Vehicle Charging Station.
Though, consumers having metered connection for their residential or business purpose may use for the individual vehicle charging, provided that load should not exceed the Sanctioned Load. But, One must need to get a new connection under the category LMV-11 for Public Charging Station and Multi-storied building


  • For Public Charging Station
  • LT Consumer: Rs. 7.70/unit
  • HT Consumer: Rs. 7.30/unit

  • For the Charging Station in Multistoried building
  • Covered under LMV-1B Category: Rs. 6.20/unit
  • Covered under HV-1B Category: Rs. 5.90/unit

Fixed/Demand Charge is not applicable.[/div6][/div12]
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