Direct theft


Jorden · 21-Oct-19

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what is meaning of direct theft Agar Kisi consumer ke yahan per  metre laga hua hai hi aur uske Parisar mein Main Ek Anya cable Dal kar Chori Pai Jaati Hai To Kya factor 1use Kiya jaega


nishant · 01-Dec-19

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Once go through the 4th amendment of electricity supply code - 2005 by downloading it.
Direct theft is explained as:

“Explanation: ‘direct theft’ means where the supply is connected directly and no
meter is installed.”

Suppose, a metered consumer is having a additional cable and 2 KW AC is being connected. He must be having many other appliances running through meter. Say their load is 4 KW. If you are able to identify that only AC is being connected through extra cable, then 2 KW theft will be considered as Direct Theft. If you are confused and not able to distinguish which appliances are connected through extra cable and which one is not. Then, You need to consider all connected load of 6 KW (4 KW + 2 KW) and that will not be considered as direct theft. So, it all depends on the inspection report.

Thanks for this support sir.  Thank you very much