Type of connection for registered society

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I am a landlord and my tenant is an NGO which is doing social work for village welfare. It is a society registered under section 21 of Societies Registration Act. I am confused on whether the connection type for the NGO would be LMV 2 or LMV 4. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Prateek Kumar Singh


nishant · 20-Dec-19

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I do not have much knowledge about society registration act 21. I have googled and found that it could be a charitable society and obviously a non profitable organisation. So, In my opinion, LMV4 sounds good for it as LMV4 is also defined as

Religious and charitable trusts & Institutions having a valid registration under Section 12 AA & 30G issued by the Income Tax department including hospitals, colleges and those providing services free of cost or at the charges / structure of charges not exceeding those in similar Government operated institution

Thank you for the reply Nishant ji.