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Application Form for New Electricity Connection
You can fill the required information for application form and download PDF. you may also find the blank application form and their attachments required
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You may upload applicant's passport size photo and image of the premises where electric connection is required.

passport-size photo

postcard-size photo

We must be aware of the following facts:
  • Electric Connection shall not be treated as proof of the owenership of the premises.
  • In your own interest, please ensure Permanent Disconnection of your electric supply and obtain No Dues Certificate from Division Office before vacating the premises.
Before making payment towards service charges, following must be complied :
  • Wooden board should be installed at wall of 10 inch thick brick construction with plaster to install Electric meter. Note that it should be outside home, so that meter reader could access it without your permission
  • There should be a separate Meter Room for HT Connection.
  • Main Switch must be installed next to the meter.
  • Earthing connection terminal must be provided at the meter board position.
  • For all load of PTW, Industrial and in other category load greater than/equal to 25 KW, an agreement on Rs. 100/- stamp paper will be signed prior to energisation of supply

For above 50 KW and Industrial Purposes 
Agreement for the Supply of Electrical Energy (For all load of PTW, Industrial and in other category load greater than/equal to 25 KW)
Personal Bond (alternative of BL Form for LMV1 Consumer) - No BL Form will be required if Personal Bond has been given by the Domestic Light/Fan Applicant.
Work Completion Certificate and Test Result (B and L Form) - Mendatory for all the applicants except LMV1 Categories(if signed the personal bond).
Owner Consent Letter for getting New Supply Connection (if applicant is not the owner of the premises) - On Non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 100/-
Indemnity Bond (If tanent is not able to obtain the consent of owner, but produced the proof of occupancy, i.e. valid power of attorney/latest rent paid receipt / registered lease deed.) - On Non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 100/-
NOC from Builder/Society for using Service Line (where electrical infrastrucutre development was not done by the licensee)
Boring Certificate by BDO and Declaration by the Farmer (for Private Tube Well, PTW applicant)
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