What is Estimate/New Electricity Connection Charges Calculator?


nishant · 31-Dec-19

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Estimate Calculator is our web application to calculate the new electricity connection charges/ Charges for load enhancement/ Charges for name changes/ Charges for tariff changes. It will also help to calculate the infrastructure cost to be developed for providing a new connection.

To grant a new electricity connection, the following charges are applicable:

  • Processing Fee
  • Security Deposit
  • Line Charges
  • Meter cost and its equipment cost
  • 18% GST (Except Security Deposit)


Our estimate calculator will help to calculate all such charges automatically with respect to load, type of use, GST, meter cost, cable cost or line charges.

Departmental Employee may use it to provide TC (Terms and Conditions) to their applicant using this Estimate Calculator

Check out the sample terms and coditions

How to use Estimate Calculator?

  • Open our web app : Estimate Calculator
  • Select the type of the services:
    • New Connection
    • Load Changes
    • Name Changes
    • Tariff Changes
  • Enter the required details:
    • Category/Tariff
    • Load and their unit
    • Cable length (for cable connection of length below 40 meters)
    • If the infrastructure is to be developed. Calculate their charges separately and enter it by selecting Calculate Separately
    • If it is a revised estimate and some amount has already been paid. it will be subtracted.
    • Few costs are payable to the department. it may be inserted.
  • click Calculate button to get the charges
  • Press PDF button to get the result in PDF format
  • Departmental Employee may like to insert Applicant's Details for TC to generate the TC. Setup the letterhead for TC
  • TC may be generated with a different pattern: Like- Only supervision charges to be taken, Processing already paid, Revised TC


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