Need help regarding cable charges

Dear Administrators of BijliBabu,

First of all I want to Thank you for developing an excellent web tool that helped me calculate my charges for load extension. I am very thankful to your page and the tool. This has created a new image in my mind about UPPCL which I earlier thought to be full of incompetent people. I urge you to kindly develop the official website of UPPCL too on similar lines so we can avail more services through online mode and make UPPCL a profitable discom.

I have also a query - I have applied to extend my load from 4KW to 7KW. The charges are approx. Rs. 7700. I understand from your tool that the cable has to be provided by me. However I want to confirm if this is indeed the case and also the cable type mentioned is - "4x25 sq mm armored cable with the catenary arrangement". I want to know if I can avail this cable from my local electricity supplier.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Warm regards
Vibhu Gaur


nishant · 03-Jul-20

Administrator ·  217

Thank you so much for your appreciation.
You may find our cost data book for more details.

UPERC has given both the options to the consumers.
Consumer may get his own cable and department will not charge it in thier estimation. Even, department may provide it by charging it in the estimate.

But, it is always good to ask about the availability of this cable in official store. Sometimes, it will take time to get it from department.