Bill Basis ASS & MeterRemek RDF

i am Domestic consumer of MVVNL (Lucknow)  i had received yesterday my bill for the month of July2020 in this Previous and Current readings showing same readings , last reading taken on 20June 2020 and Current on 17July2020. In the current bill description (bill basis -ASS)  Billed Units 95  meter read remrk-RDF , Meter status-F.
         i had to pay 676 rupees that i aready paid today. Sir i did not have any bill regularities since 8-9 months and everything was Correct and OK. Why this month i have this problem. I dont have any Due with the electricity department , every bill is paid by me  at proper time and no overdue. Please help me Sir


nishant · 19-Jul-20

Administrator ·  217

It is not an irregularities. You may like to check

So, RDF stands for "Reading Defect". This is an auto-generated meter read remark if the billing system finds that previous read is higher than the current read. In such situation, system generates bill with the average consumption of last 3 months, which is 95 units in your case.

Once, bill generated into "RDF". it has to go through the "Bill Revision" process to continue the correct bill.
There could be the following possibilities:

  • Meter is OK and reads wrongly punched, Need to revise the bill.
  • Meter is actually defective and reading back. Such meter needs to replace and then proceed for revision.

So, You may call 1912, or use  UPPCL's Complaints Portal or directly visit the local office to correct this bill.