New connection charges 120814 for 2kw. Are they scamming me?

First of all thank you so much for developing such a useful website.

I am applying for new connection in Lucknow in rural area for non-domestic use and want load of 2kw mainly for lighting use for my nursery business. High voltage line is just 1-2m from my front boundary and going parallel to my front boundary. I have been given an estimate as follows, that too without stamp/sign/designation

Survey and transformer permitted charges 8000
Edd cess-2   54500
15% supervision charge 11175
Pcc plate 11800
Electrical goods 9743
10kva ashoka transformer 18500
Consulting and processing charge 7096

Total 120814

I couldn't find this edd cess-2 in the cost data book. I think I am being totally fooled. What should be the correct charges and what should I do? I am not capable of visiting desk to desk so would prefer online complain and resolution method.


nishant · 22-Nov-20

Administrator ·  217

Thank you for your appreciation.

A new electricity connection estimate consists of the following charges:

  • Processing Fee
  • Security Deposit
  • Line Charges
  • Meter cost and its equipment cost
  • 18% GST (Except Security Deposit)

Aa typical 2 KW commercial connection will be charged as follows:

You might check them on your own using our estimate calculator

If the LT line is far away (more than 40 meters), the department provides an additional estimate which includes a transformer, pole, conductor, labor, and supervision charges as per requirement after survey.
Department is having a pre-defined rate of all such items in a book, called cost data book which is getting revised at regular intervals.
The current cost data book could be downloaded from our library and find the rate of each individual item.