Load selection help


Madhav · 01-Jul-23

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Hello sir please tell me from where to get the work completion certificate for lmv 6 3 phase connection and also tell me how to prevent bribe of JEs and SDO as they're demanding huge amount... Otherwise they'll reject the application for new connection or lying the application for months.
Also help me how to decide the KWs for load selection , either on the total appliances installed or the maximum load to be run .
As I'm taking connection for that unit in which half the load(8kw) runs whole day but the other half (6kw)will run only for an hour a day when the other one stops.
So tell me for how much load I'll apply 8kw+ or 14kw..(as 14kw hurts a lot in terms of fixed charge as ₹1740 per month which is too high in this tough time)
But it's is 100% sure that the maximum load runs cannot be exceed 8kw.
Please help me with your answer ASAP. ????