Where to find SBM bill number and account number to register online
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Where to find SBM bill number and account number to register online

If you are willing to do the following actions online, you must get registered on the UPPCL's official website.

  • Pay your electricity bill
  • Self Generate your electricity bill (below 10 KW domestic and commercial only).
  • Check your consumption history and pattern.
  • Download last 12 months electricity bill
Urban consumers may get registered at www.uppclonline.com. It will ask to enter an account number and bill number/SBM bill no. So, the question arises...


1. What is the bill number and where can I find it?
Generally, electricity bill gets generated each month for every consumer. The bill number is a unique identification number of every bill assigned by the online billing system. It starts with the digits from the account number of a consumer. It is located at the top-center of a bill.

2. What is the SBM bill number and where can I find it?
The full form of SBM is Spot Billing Machine. It is a Hand-Held computer, in which the program is stored along with all the relevant data, for the issue of electricity bills, right at the customer premises, immediately after the meter reading is read and input to SBM. So, if the electricity bill gets generated by the SBM machine it also generates a unique identification number for the generated bill. It is named as an SBM bill number. It is assigned by the SBM machine, not by the online billing system. It is located at the top of SBM bills only.

3. What is the account number and where can I find it?
The account number of an electricity bill is a unique identification number of each consumer to keep their information in the database. It is a computer-generated number. Earlier, consumer information was linked with the service connection number. The electricity department manually assigns it to the consumer at the time of the release of a new electricity connection. Since it was manually assigned to the consumer, so there could be a possibility of duplicacy.
It is basically 10 digits (urban consumer) or 12 digits (rural consumer) numbers. So, your account number also says whether UPPCL has categorized you as an urban or rural consumer.
One may find it on top as a 10/12 digit number named as account number/ID.

System Generated Bill


SBM Generated Bill

Nishant Naveen

Apr 06, 2020 - 01:04

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