Supervision Charges

Hello Sir

Sir..what is the supervision Charges of Full Deposit Estimate work.


nishant · 18-May-20

Administrator ·  217

Kindly download our cost data book at here and go through it.
Supervision charges for each work has been written.
In most of the case it 15%.
But, it could be lesser in few cases and no supervision charges for private tubewell estimate


RJ6747 · 07-Jul-20

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Hi Nishant Sir,

I need latest RESSPO of UPPCL.

Because I want to find the Concrete Grouting SPEcification for PCC Pole & STP Pole..

Because STP Pole Concrete grouting Diameter size is not found anywhere.

I will be thankfull to you if you can provide me related documents..

Thanks & Regards,..