Know about bill basis - MU, MIN, UM, ASS, CEIL, NA, NR/PROV


nishant · 12-Aug-19

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MU/MIN/UM/ASS/CEIL/NA/NR/PROV are known as Bill Basis. Electricity bill gets calculated as per the consumption. Sometimes, it is not possible to provide the bill with the actual consumption due to meter defective, no read by meter reader, reading not possible etc. In such cases, billing software generates the bill with certain logic called bill basis.

Bill basis types :

  • NA : Not Accessible - Meter reader may enter his remark as Not Accessible if he found door locked, meter at unapproachable place or very high.
  • NR : Not Read - If meter reader did not go for meter read.
  • PROV : Provisional - NA/NR is an old concept. Now licensee needs to install meter outside and meter reader has to take reading every months. So, NA/NR is not used in current scenario. Instead Provisional bill basis is used for the above reason, if meter read was not done for any reason.
  • MU : Meter Unit - Billing is done as per actual consumption and it comes under OK meter read remarks.
  • MIN : Minimum Charges - Minimum charges is the charge in accordance with the tariff in force from time to time and come into effect only when the sum of fixed charges and energy charges are less than a certain prescribed amount. If consumption is low and billing is done with that prescribed amount, bill basis will be MIN
  • UM : Un-metered - If no meter were installed at the premises and billing is done by un-metered tariff.
  • ASS : Assessment - If meter found defective, billing is done on the assessment basis. Software analysed his/her last three months consumption and generates according to the average consumption of last three month. Sometimes, software does normative billing during defective period in with the following norms-
    1. LMV1 - 155 unit/KW/Month
    1. LMV2 - 260 unit/KW/Month
    1. LMV6 - 260 unit/KW/Month
  • CEIL : Ceiling - Hindi meaning of CEIL is सीमा। could be understood as Limits or boundary. Ceil is defined as 800 unit/KW/month. If the billing system finds that consumption of a consumer is above 800 units/KW/Months. Licensee needs to inspect the premises and check
             a. If the consumer is using load more than his sanctioned load.
             b. If the consumer was managing the reading store before.
             c. If the meter is actually defective and reading gets jumped suddenly.
    CEIL bill basis will be continued until manual Bill Revision were not done after site inspection

Know about meter read remarks - IDF/ADF/RDF/CDF

Bill status is PROV from last 6 months and bill amount is also constant. Does this mean that it's possible that in the future the bill can be very high?

Or in other words, what happens to the future bills if the bill status for the current month is PROV?


nishant · 21-Jan-21

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All provisional bills will be cancelled once reading will be done. It might go higher or lower depending on the actual consumption.
It is always better to use self bill generation option or raise concern to the local office if meter reader is not visiting

Sir, Please explain the self generation of NET METER billing, now available online.  KWH & KWHE.  Are we required to furnish IMPORT, EXPORT or only NET energy?  It will be helpful if you could kindly explain the online generation of Net Meter bills.