Self bill generation process - generate electricity bill by yourself
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Self bill generation process - generate electricity bill by yourself

You may not have to wait for the electricity bill any longer. Trust billing is now available for UPPCL consumers since 2017. It will let you generate your own electricity bill online. You would be able to feed your meter read and maximum demand on a online portal and submit them to generate your bill.

Actually, UP Electricity Regulatory Commission has allowed trust billing in their 7th amendment of UP electricity supply code - 2005 on 21-May-2016.

However, to keep a check on consumers giving wrong readings, there will be a provision of penalty too. In case of excess reading stored in the meter, consumer will be charged 1.5 times more for every unit stored.

But, this facility is not available for all the consumers. Let us know about the eligible consumers.

Eligibility criteria for self bill generation.

  • Sanctioned load should be less than or equals to 9 KW.
  • Billing method should be KWH basis, not KVAH basis.
  • Self Bill Generation is available for LMV1 (Domestic), LMV2 (Commercial) and LMV4 - ST41 (Govt. offices)
  • Previous bill should be in Active status. (OK Read)
  • Only one meter reading entry is allowed in a month

Follow this video to know the process:

You may wish to visit the portal:

How to decide rural and urban consumers?
You should know the account id written over your electricity bill. 12 digit's account id shows rural consumer while 10 digit's account id shows urban consumer. You may like to check - how to find account id?

There could be various reasons due to which the bill could not be generated even after submitting the meter read.

  1. If you have just got your New Connection done then your Bill is only generated after 15 days.
  2. If the Utility has done a Stop Billing on your account.
  3. If there is an issue in System Bill Generation.
so in such cases please contact your concerning Electricity Office after 48 hours of submitting the meter read.

Nishant Naveen

Apr 29, 2020 - 12:04

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