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Electrical Calculators
Bill revision is having very complex calculations. Specially, when it comes to use multiple tariff. This web application is going to help us
Bill Calculator
Calculate the expenses and charges to sanction a electric connection and cost of infrastructure to be devloped to provide a connection.
Estimate Calculator
Calculate the penalty/assessment to be imposed on offenders of Electricity theft and generate it's notice to serve the offender.
Assessment Calculator
 Discussion Forum
How to Calculate Your Electricity Bill?
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Kesco Discom.
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 Application Form
Electricity pricing sometimes referred as electricity tariff. UPPCL has broadly categorized its tariff on the basis of voltagae level and then further categorized as Supply Type.
 Supply Type
Application form and their attachments for New connection, Load Enhancement, Name Change, Permanent Disconnection, Meter replacement, Bill Revision
 Application Form