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Electrical Calculators
Bill revision is having very complex calculations. Specially, when it comes to use multiple tariff. This web application is going to help us
Bill Calculator
Calculate the expenses and charges to sanction a electric connection and cost of infrastructure to be devloped to provide a connection.
Estimate Calculator
Calculate the penalty/assessment to be imposed on offenders of Electricity theft and generate it's notice to serve the offender.
Assessment Calculator
1. Billing Instruction during lockdown of COVID-19 epidemic

 02-Apr-20 · It is known that due to the covid-19 epidemic, the lockdown has been done by the Government of India for 21 days from 25-March-2020 to 14-April-2020. In this regard, orders were made earlier that billing will be done as

2. Surcharge waiver for Farmer's PTW/LMV5 connection - Kisan Aasan Kist Yojna -2020

 31-Jan-20 · Surcharge waiver scheme for Private Tubewell (LMV-5) consumers has been launched by the electricity department of Uttar Pradesh with the name of Kisan Aasan Kist Yojna. Key points: All Rural and

3. Registration Date of Aasan kist Yojna (AKY) extended to 31-Jan-2020

 31-Dec-19 · Registration date of Aasan Kisht Yojna has been extended to 31-Jan-2010. Earlier it was 31-Dec-2019. Management has decided to extend the registration date with the same terms and conditions. [url=https://bijliba

4. Aasan kist Yojna (OTS with installment facility)

 10-Nov-19 · This time Hon. Energy Minister has announced Aasan kisht yojna for the defaulter consumers. This is basically OTS (one-time settlement) scheme/ Surcharge waiver scheme with the installment facility on electricity

5. 7th Integrated ratings of DISCOMs in India 2019

 13-Oct-19 · Seventh Annual Integrated Ratings of State Power Distribution Utilities as per the Framework approved by Ministry of Power Ministry of Power had formulated an Integrated Rating Methodolog

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 Application Form
Electricity pricing sometimes referred as electricity tariff. UPPCL has broadly categorized its tariff on the basis of voltagae level and then further categorized as Supply Type.
 Supply Type
Application form and their attachments for New connection, Load Enhancement, Name Change, Permanent Disconnection, Meter replacement, Bill Revision
 Application Form
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