One Time Settlement Scheme - 2021 for domestic and PTW consumers
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One Time Settlement Scheme - 2021 for domestic and PTW consumers

There was a great inquisitive among the electricity consumers taking the query when UPPCL going to launch OTS scheme this year 2021 for domestic consumers. Large numbers of queries were being raised as well. UPPCL always trying better to benefit the consumers and entertain their concerns.
            Now, not so much of late, UPPCL has launched much coveted OTS scheme for domestic and tube well electricity consumers in Uttar Pradesh. It’s a benefactory move of power corporation to give full rebate over surcharge levied on the electricity bills till 31 Jan 2021.
   This is scheme is not only targeting the benefits of domestic consumers but of our farmers as well in line with mantra:


         Let’s know some salient points about this scheme:

  • Applicability: this scheme is for the electricity consumers of category
    • LMV 1 {for electricity domestic consumers of all loads}
    • LMV 5 {for private tube wells}
  • Registration period: March 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021}
  • Registration methods: there are three ways to enroll
    • Self-mode: consumers may enroll themselves on UPPCL website “” itself. It’s an outstanding move towards “services at your door” having alignment with Digital India Mission.
    • Departmental offices: Divisional offices, SDO offices.
    • CSC centers: Popularly known as “Jan Suvidha Kendras”, can be accessed for remote locations such as villages or suburbs.
  • Benefits and process:
    • by registering in this scheme, consumer will get 100 percent rebate on surcharges levied on electricity dues till 31 jan,2021.
    • At the time of registration applicant will have to pay 30 percent of the principle amount of the bill (excluding surcharge) by 31st Jan ,2021 and the rest of the current bill.
    • Applicant may opt bill revision request and may get the SMS regarding the correct bill or see his/her bill on the website itself as well {after 7 days of request raising)
    • Registered applicant is to pay the amount (principal of due till 31.1.2021+current bills after 31.1.2021(principal+surcharge)) till 31 March 2021 in one time or installments (installment facility is not available on  CSC(s))

This is the greatest opportunity to avail the scheme to save your money hence hurry up and get yourself enrolled in OTS.


Mar 02, 2021 - 06:03

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