How to print bulk OTS notices in one go using data from excel
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How to print bulk OTS notices in one go using data from excel

This video tells you about the great way to generate and print many letters/notices with dynamic data from an excel sheet using mail merge.

This video includes

  • The basic concept of mail merge uses a letter template of ms word and excel data.
  • The "if-else" logic, sorting, filtering, and then printing the results.
  • Formatting numbers in desired decimal places.

What is mail merge?
An application (of word processing software such as Microsoft Word) facilitates in such a way that a single template document is used to create multiple documents based on information drawn from a data source (like an excel sheet or any supporting database).

It has four basic steps:

  • Creating a template document
  • Creating a data source
  • Adding placeholders in the template document for the variable information
  • Merging the template and the data source.

When the template document and the data source are merged, one document is created for each row in the spreadsheet or database, with the values in the relevant field or column of the spreadsheet or database filling in the placeholders in the template document.

This video can help UPPCL employees and teach them how to use the Mail Merge concept in our OTS scheme to serve notices to all our eligible consumers and inform them about the dues, rebates, and net payable amount.

Once go through the video and you will realize that it is a very intelligent and time-saving way to print thousands and lacs notices in a few minutes.

Nishant Naveen

Oct 23, 2021 - 04:10

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